AMB(Active Metal Brazing) Substrate

Product Name: AMB(Active Metal Brazing) Substrate

Product Introduction (Function)

It is a ceramic substrate that the power semiconductor becomes populated, which is used for electric automobiles, railroads, and new renewable energy fields
Since high heat and vibrations inevitably occur during driving under high voltages within 600V~1200V, the development of a power substrate is carried out to resolve such issues by satisfying both the intensity and thermal dissipation characteristics. .

Core Competitiveness (Features)

  • Differentiated Technology in Brazing & Etching
  • Low Residual Stress Technology: Low Cost & High Thermal Dissipation
  • Thick Cu (1.2mm) AMB Circuit
  • Thin Brazing Layer (Ag/Cu) : ~5μm(AMO) vs. ~18μm(other companies)
  • Hybrid AMB Substrate: Miniaturization/High Performance


nverter Module (EV, High-speed Railway, New Renewable Energy (Sunlight/Wind Power Generation)