HR Principle

Job Leveling

Career Development

1. New Employee Training

The introductory education, OJT, mentoring system, and in-depth coaching and support are implemented as a training program that will help new employees to adapt to their organization in addition to nurturing them as the core employees of Amogreentech.
Introductory training for new graduates | Introductory course for experienced professionals| Corporate culture education

2. Talent Development-Capacity development training that is suitable for each job level

Amotgreenech provides various training programs that will strengthen leadership skills such as strategic workshops and job structure education to establish their roles and responsibilities as a manager.

  • Executive-advanced manager training: Improving global management strategy skills and sustainable long-term development
  • Entry- & Mid-level manager training: Establishing self-discipline and leadership which will define the roles and responsibilities of the entry- & mid-level managers

3. Talent Development-Professional development training

In order to enhance both the professional capacity and performance of our employees and of the company’s capabilities, a number of internal lecturers composed of the best technical experts in Korea are trained in a diverse range of technologies such as various technical engineering, corporate accounting, marketing, and quality control. In addition to this, we provide online and offline job training.

e-Campus | External education programs & conferences


4 major public insurance and health checkups

  • Employment insurance, national pension, health insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance
  • Health checkups

Compensation & Support

  • Severance/Retirement pension
  • Night transportation expenses
  • Holiday allowance
  • Annual allowance
  • Financial support for a life changing event
  • National festival holiday gifts

Award system

  • Excellent employee award system
  • Employee recommendation system
  • On-going incentive system
  • Patent incentive system

Paid-time off

  • Monthly paid day/half day leave
  • Annual leave (Summer vacation: 4 days)
  • Paid leave for a life event
  • Reward leave
  • Prenatal, postnatal and maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Menstruation leave

Amenities and procedures

  • Dormitories (Pyeongtaek)
  • Cafeteria (Company internal cafeteria)
  • Parking spaces
  • Break rooms & female only break rooms
  • Support for the gas expenses for job related traveling

Work environment and corporate culture

  • 5 work days a week
  • Autonomous dress code to nurture creativity
  • Training for the new graduates (OJT) and mentoring programs
  • Operating and supporting employee clubs and organizations
  • Birthday parties and birthday gift cards